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Skitia1 GT Single Member Ltd. has been functioning since 01 October 2001 with subject of activity: production and trade with household appliances and interior fabrics. The company has three opened shops in General Toshevo, Dobrich and Varna for wholesale and for retail of household and industrial goods.
Skitia1 GT is a family company, which trades with most of hypermarkets in Bulgaria.
We are constantly looking for different  new ideas for company development.
We  always follow our moto, which is " QUALITY AND COMFORT AT REASONABLE PRICES".


In the strategic company programme, which aims at its growth and successful development, as basic directions for work have underlied:
- expansion and modernization of the production lines
- opening of new working places
- introduction of a system for development of human resources

The project for expansion of the company activity has been drawn up according to the conditions of the market economy and it has been conformed with all specific characteristics of the region, in which we execute this activity. The possibilities for increasing of the work efficiency with the purpose of improvement of the company financial results has been carefully investigated. The necessity of development in the abovementioned directions has been dictated from the necessities of the consumer demand of the population in the region and from the strive for its fuller satisfaction.


In the circumstances of a market economy, an increasing stagnation and the getting poorer of the population as a whole, the study of the tendencies for development of our country is of a special significance at the specifying of the priorities for work and development of the companies. This is valid in greater degree for a border region as our, since the expected incomes of the population are mainly determined by the climatic conditions, which have a direct importance upon the yield of the agricultural production, which on its part has an effect on the purchasing capacity of the population, and as a result of it of the consumer demand and tendency of the market.
Because of this reason SKITIYA 1 GT Single Member Ltd. has specialized itself in direction of satisfying consumer demand mainly in goods for the style of living, which are necessities of life, spare parts and products, used as materials by the operating regional companies.
Taking into consideration all these specific conditions SKITIYA 1 GT Single Member Ltd. town of General Toshevo has succeeded to find its place at the market and for a comparatively short period of time to make good financial results. At this stage of company development the conquering of new markets has not been underlied as an immediate assignment. Our effort will concentrate us in a direction of service improvement, enrichment of the assortment and good price-formation, which will contribute to increase of the customers and of the commodity circulation within the limits of the local market.
SKITIYA 1 GT Single Member Ltd. is in trade relations with big hypermarkets as: KAUFLAND BULGARIA, BILLA BULGARIA, BAUMAX BULGARIA and many other companies which have won recognition at the Bulgarian market
These traditional customers prove that the manufactured production will find fast and certain realization, which on its part is a guarantee for achievement of good financial results.
The non-admission of trade gaps, the improvement of the production quality, price policy, trade discounts, advertising, good image and many others are practices for the struggle with the competition, which correct use guarantees its restriction or decrease.

About the company
Pepper Roasters
Electrical Grills
Soldering irons
Kitchen dolls
Electrical blanket
Electrical boot
Party grills
Washable pillowsи
Sleeping sets
Cover for chair

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E-mail: skitia@abv.bg

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